Michael Kofler photography, work of the photographer Michael Kofler from product photography, portrait photography to nature, artists and conceptual photography.


Wasser (Water) — Post Card Collection N°2

Kollektion N°2 - Wasser Kollektion N°2 - Wasser

Post Card Collection N°2

Michael Kofler

Lilian Wieser

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100 Jahre Karl Schiske (100 Years Karl Schiske)

100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske 100 Jahre Karl Schiske

Contribution to a special exhibition about composer Karl Schickse
"100 Jahre Karl Schiske"
landscape photography at 5 locations
5 image/sound stations
curator: Hilde Fuchs

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"Transmigration" ( A/2016, 0:39 min.)
stopmotion animation movie

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A Little Bit Darker

a little bit darker
"A Little Bit Darker" at Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, 2015
group exhibition "the door that isn't closed at night"

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Post Card Collection Nº 1

Post Card Collection Nº1 "Stämme" (Trunks)
Set of 8 exclusive post cards
offset print on 350g card

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Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler Rollenbild Kofler

exhibition in Vienna, Kautzen and museumOrth, Orth an der Donau
digital print, 100x830 cm

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rolemodel of woman / sexism

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. Mrs. Smith

in collaboration with David Sumbera
digital slideshow

concept & production at schmiede11–chaos creates structure
in Hallein/Pernerinsel
award-winner at "Jugendkulturpreis Burgenland"

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|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| (|: (1)00 dB Work :|)

|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :|

Film |: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| ( A/2007 18 Min.)
concept & implementation: Michael Kofler, Leonie Wieser, Lisa Weber, Angela Scholz
consultancy: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
production: Gabi Mathes

opener at "11. wiener video & filmtagen"
2008 at "DIAGONALE"
2009 at "14. internationalen Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien"

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