|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :|

title |: (1)00 dB Arbeit :|
country A
lenght 18 min.
year 2007
concept & implementation Michael Kofler, Leonie Wieser,
Lisa Weber, Angela Scholz
consultancy Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
production Gabi Mathes,
wienXtra Medienzentrum
premiere 10. 10. 2007

Focused. Flowing. Steaming. Loud. Hemming. Cutting. Endlessly. Humming. Ordinary. Still. On. Hammering machines and rare silence tell stories about people. The collision of two work environments.
|: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| resulted from the collaboration of Michael Kofler, Angela Scholz, Lisa Weber and Leonie Wieser (who didn’t know each other before), with the advice of Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, and was shown at the 11th wiener video & filmtagen in October 2007 as opening film.
In April 2008, |: (1)00 dB Arbeit :| was shown at the DIAGONALE, and at the 14. internationalen Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien in April 2009.
The film follows a dramaturgy that could not be clearer. First, footages of machines starting and then getting faster and faster. A work place without operators. Then, close-up portraits of six people who all eventually look right up in the camera. The background noises are the soundtrack to each workplace. The different sound levels of each work place clash with each other.

view here: vimeo.com/user5228038

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