Michael Kofler Fotografie






Michael Kofler has been working for many years as a photographer in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany. After attending 'die Graphische', school for media technology and visual communication and gaining work experience as a photographer and assistant, Kofler obtained his master photographer certification. He works in various fields, ranging from reportage and wedding photography to product photography and collaborations with artists, galleries and musicians. An important part of his work is his collaborations with musicians and artists, be it as reportage or by accompanying them to concerts, exhibitions and events. Another focus is on reproductions (reprography) and documenting art works, various stagings like CD covers booklets and websites. In addition to portraits, photographer Michael Kofler works on landscape photography as well as self-initiated independent artistic projects. Kofler has also worked with film, video, stop-motion and gained recognition like being featured at the film festival Diagonale08 in Graz. He is highly motivated to grow as a photographer and to take part in projects, exhibitions and presentations.